Wednesday, July 30, 2008

twenty-four weeks - july 27,2008

twenty-three weeks - july 20, 2008

It has been another week of firsts!

Kate had her first meal of solid food... some yummy rice cereal! She enjoyed the experience and has been eating cereal every night since!

Kate also rolled from her back to her tummy! Eric got to witness it first and I quickly saw her new trick later that day. She loves rolling back and forth. She has not yet discovered that if she keeps rolling in one direction she could explore some new territory (thank goodness!)

Lastly, Kate sent her first e-mail to her grandparents in Missouri. She is always dying to touch my computer while I am "playing" so I decided to let her "type" a little email. Did she inherit her mommy's love for technology and gadgets? Only time will tell!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

twenty-two weeks old - july 13, 2008

We have continued to enjoy our summer! We took a trip to the zoo on Sunday. It was fun to check out all the animals (and people too!) We are also trying to beat the heat, which is a challenge in a house that does not have central air. Kate has spent several late afternoons and evenings just hanging out in her diaper. She does not seem to mind... she happily plays and snoozes away!

five months old - july 10, 2008

Where has the time gone? We can't believe Kate is already five months old! She weighs in at 11 pounds 11 ounces. No shots this month... she will get her next round of shots at her six month Well Baby Checkup.

Kate has learned a new trick. A few weeks ago she discovered her feet. She has now realized that she can get them in her mouth and suck on her toes. It's pretty cute. I have posted a picture down below!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

twenty-one weeks - july 6, 2008

Kate is cooing, talking, squealing, and laughing non-stop! (She is talking in the picture.) She will talk to anyone or anything who she thinks is listening. She loves to talk to Riley and has not quite figured out why she does not talk back. Just this week she has figured out how to make a Pterodactyl sounding squeal/scream. I believe she loves the sound of it because she will do it for long stretches with a huge smile on her face. We can't wait to hear her first word (will it be Mama or Dada?) but for now we are delighted by all her little baby sounds.

kate's first fourth of july - july 4, 2008

Kate had a very mellow first Fourth of July.
We played during the day and watched the thrilling Rockies game (on T.V.) that night. She was awake during the fireworks and was not bothered by the constant booming. Odin, on the other hand, was VERY bothered by the strange sounds coming from his backyard and hid in the kitchen the whole night.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

twenty weeks - june 29, 2008

Kate has started to really play and interact with her toys. She loves to play in her exersaucer and make the different object make music and noises. She has also started to reach and grab objects that are close to her. It is amazing to watch her grow and develop!