Sunday, October 19, 2008

thirty-six weeks - october 19, 2008

On Saturday, we took Kate to get her very own library card!
She seemed to love the time we spent at the library... she got excited when we showed her different books. We hope to make a family tradition of visiting the library every weekend.
Kate has spoken her first words!
She has said both Mama and Dada. She tends to say Dada more. We have enjoyed listening to her practice her new words at all hours of the day (and night.)
Kate is also moving up in the world of solid food.
She is now eating mixed grain cereal, cheerios, puffs, and turkey!
Our little girl is getting SO BIG!

thirty-five weeks - october 12, 2008

eight months - october 10, 2008

Kate is eight months old! It is amazing to look back at the past eight months... she has grown and changed so much!
Kate weighs 15 pounds 1 ounce now. She is still a tiny peanut but has steadily gained about a pound a month.
Kate has had two double ear infections this past month. She recovered from the first one rather quickly... the cold from the second one seems to be hanging on. We are staying hopeful that she quickly builds up her immune system and these colds will be a thing of the past.
Kate has continued to learn new tricks and skills! Her newest trick is being about to clap! She has been practicing non-stop... even at one-thirty in the morning!

thirty-four weeks - october 5, 2008

thirty-three weeks - september 28, 2008

Kate continues to LOVE her solid food! She has started to try to feed herself... more of it ends up around her mouth than in it. It is such a joy to watch her explore and develop at each stage!

thirty-two weeks - september 21, 2008

thirty-one weeks - september 14, 2008

Kate has been spending a lot more time playing on her tummy. We are hoping one of these days she will start scooting around and going for things just out of her reach.

seven months - september 10, 2008

Kate continues to amaze us everyday! She can sit up by herself and only looses her balance every now and then. She loves to bounce up and down and is constantly banging her toys on anything and everything. The sweetest thing Kate has started to do is give hugs and kisses! It makes our day when she wraps her arms around our neck and pulls us in for a big wet kiss on the cheek!