Sunday, November 2, 2008

thirty-eight weeks - november 2, 2008

Kate seems to be learning something new everyday.
This week she has started to wave!
It is so cute to watch her try to wave... she will watch her hand then look around then go back to watching her hand.
She also loves to do SO BIG (as shown in the picture) and give high fives.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

kate's first halloween - october 31, 2008

Kate had a great first Halloween!
Kate had her costume made by her Grandma Donna. My sister and I always had homemade Halloween costumes (I still do!)... so it only seemed right that Kate's first costume was made by my mom. Kate was very interested in her costume. The minute I put it on her she would start to look at all the "fancy touches" and play with the beautiful skirt. She even tried to figure out what was connected to her back... she kept turning and looking over her shoulder.
Kate's daycare had a Fall Fest the Friday before Halloween. She did a great job of leaving all the pieces of the costume on the whole time. Kate was a little overwhelmed by all the commotion at first but started to warm up to things. She even laughed and clapped at some kids who were playing games. I think her favorite part of the evening was walking to the car in the dark!

thirty-seven weeks - october 26, 2008

Kate is starting to scoot! Kate's main way of getting around has been by rolling but now she has figured out how to scoot.
Now nothing stops her from getting what she wants!
Kate is a morning baby. Most mornings she wakes up happy. She will talk and roll around in her crib until someone comes to get her. She has figured out that if she gets down to the end of her crib she can "spy" to see who is going to come get her. When she hears footsteps coming she pulls down her bumper and greets you with a big smile!
It's a great way to start the day!