Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy new year - january 1, 2009

2008 has been an amazing year for us!
Everyday we are so thankful for the joy, excitement, and purpose Kate has brought into our lives!
We are looking forward to all the blessings, milestones, and challenges that 2009 will bring!
Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

forty-six weeks - december 28, 2009

It's official...
Kate is a total HAM!
Kate loves to "ham it up" and keep us laughing!
She has also realized we are not her only captive audience...
she had a whole table laughing the other day at lunch!
Look out world...
one silly girl is heading your way!

kate's first Christmas - december 25, 2008

Kate had a WONDERFUL first Christmas!
Her Grammy from the Springs, her Grandpa and Grandma from Missouri, AND her Aunt Kim all gathered at our house to celebrate!
Kate did a great job at trying to unwrap her gifts... she enjoyed tearing the paper and playing with the bows!
We all enjoyed spending the day together and watching Kate take delight in the simple things of the season!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

forty-five weeks - december 21, 2008

Can you spy Kate?
We have had some bitter-cold weather in Colorado this past week. Every time we went out we would bundle Kate up in her coat, hat, and two blankets. She was not too happy... mainly because her hands had to be tucked in.
Kate has a new trick... she likes to "dance" to music. Whenever she hears music she starts "dancing!"
It is so cute to watch!

forty-four weeks - december 14, 2008

visiting santa - december 19, 2008

Our first visit with Santa Clause went well.
Kate was a trooper as we waited in line for over an hour. She was smiling and talking with those around her.
The minute she saw Santa the smiles stopped.
Kate does have some "stranger anxiety" so we decided to do a family photo.
She did pretty well and only got upset once... then once she realized Eric was still holding her she calmed down.
We are looking forward to more visits with Santa for many years to come!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

ten months old - december 10, 2008

It's hard to believe another month has gone by!
Kate is still amazing us (I believe she always will!)
She has started to point. She will point to either something hanging (mainly her mobiles) or lights... it is so much fun to watch. Sometimes she is pointing at something but has forgotten to get her little finger out. Kate loves her finger food!
At the moment Gerber Puffs are her favorite.
She also likes Cheerios, Chex, Goldfish, and crackers. She even tried waffles!
By far one of the neatest things Kate is doing is sharing.
I noticed at daycare she was just taking the toys out of the kids hands... so I thought I would work on the concept of sharing. She wants to share everything.
Now she gets upset when others take things from her.
I am sure we will have to revisit the concept of sharing often
(and what to do when someone upsets you.)

a beautiful picture - december 6, 2008

I caught this moment by chance...
I love how it captures Kate sense of wonder, delight, and innocence all in one breath.

forty-three weeks - december 7, 2008

My heart melted when Kate waved good-bye to me this week for the first time!
It made me want to put down my school bag and stay!
Now that Kate understands the concept she is waving good-bye and hello every chance she gets... even to strangers at Costco!
Kate is also starting to stand on her own. She loves to stand at the ottoman and play with different things we place on it.

kate's first holiday program - december 5, 2008

We were surprised and delighted to find out that Kate would be "participating" in her daycare's Holiday Program.
Kate's class shook bells to Here Comes Santa Clause. Kate, of course, just looked around and absorbed what was going on.
Eric and I were pleased that she did not get upset or scared during her big performance!
(Kate is the little one in the wagon on the left hand side. These pictures are not the best... next year Eric and I are going early to get prime, picture-taking, seats!)

forty-two weeks - november 30, 2008

Kate is our little turkey!
Her newest trick is shaking her head, saying no, and then smiling.
It is truly amazing how she can grasp concepts and ideas!

kate's first thanksgiving - november 28, 2008

Kate spent her first Thanksgiving in Colorado Springs.
Kate was recovering from the flu so she did not get to enjoy all the trimmings. She did try some of her Grammy's mashed potatoes but was not a fan.
Kate did enjoy getting to spend time with her Grammy, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins.
And in family tradition...
when it was our turn to share what we were most thankful for
our response was

forty-one weeks - november 23, 2008

forty weeks - november 15, 2008

Here is Kate enjoying her favorite book, Peek-a-Baby, upside down!
Kate is really starting to enjoy books. She loves to listen to you read to her, turn the pages, and look at the pictures. The book above has flaps that you lift on each page... Kate bubbles with excitement when you get ready to lift the flap! Pulling out a book is our secret weapon when she gets fussy... she will instantly calm down.
I do hope her love for reading continues... it's one of the best loves to have!

nine months old - november 10, 2008

It is hard to believe that Kate is nine months old! These past nine months have gone by much faster than the nine months of pregnancy. Kate continues to amaze us every day. She has added a few more words to her vocabulary... uh-oh and no. She is also starting to wave at random things during random times of the day. No crawling yet... everyday Eric asks her if today is going to be the day she crawls... we are just waiting for the moment she takes off (then we are in big trouble!)

thirty-nine weeks - november 8, 2008