Tuesday, December 15, 2009

oh the faces

Oh sweet girl I know life is tough and you can't always have your own way but mommy and daddy love you to pieces (and maybe someday you'll understand why you can't and shouldn't walk down your slide.)
Love you now, forever, and always!

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Saturday, December 12, 2009


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saturday - a visit to santa clause

What happens when you take a twenty-two month old who hate "formal" pictures and has an aversion to men with long beards and red suits to see Santa?


And This

I was so excited to take Kate to see Santa this year. I had been talking about it for weeks and even marked it on the calendar.

A local (within walking distance) nursery was hosting Santa and his reindeer this past Saturday. They promised cute winter scenes perfect for photographs, refreshments, and real, live, reindeer.

All is would cost is a can of food.
I could not wait!

We talked about Santa, looked at pictures of Santa, and talked even more in hopes of a positive visit.

Kate was terrified of the reindeer (which is odd because she loves all animals), enjoyed the cranberry juice refreshments, really wanted to see and sit in the sleigh, and wanted absolutely nothing to do with Santa.

She did not want to wave to him, talk to him, and by no means to get close to him.
Yes, there was screaming, crying, and begging for her binky (which I had left at the house.).

So our trip to see Santa ended without a picture, candy cane, or mention of her wish list. Sigh.

Oh well.

At least there will be a good story to her (and future significant others) when she gets older.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

thanksgiving (thursday)

For as long as I have known Eric we have always celebrated Thanksgiving in the Springs with his family.

We were excited this year because Kate could fully enjoy the feast (and she was not recovering from the stomach flu like last year.)
Kate enjoyed the feast. She tried a little of everything and seemed to enjoy it all.

Kate's favorite part of the day was the time she spent playing with her cousins, Trenton and Troy.
They read books, played with hot wheels, played with a keyboard, and much, much, more.

(Kate taking in the delight of her cousins.)

The adults enjoyed each other's company as well.
We gave thanks for all we do have, shared where we would love to travel, and even attempted to play the board game Would You Rather?.

It truly was a thankful day enjoyed by all!

(Not a lot of pictures were captured by me. I was too busy enjoying the moments!)
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How can you not love this face?!?

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Every teacher looks forward to their breaks.
It's nice to have some time to slow down, enjoy our families, and not worry about the day-to-day duties that come with teaching.
This Thanksgiving I was blessed with a week long break!
I had no big plans but was looking forward to taking it easy and simply enjoying my time off.
I made sure to get back into the picture taking grove and capture at least one picture of Kate each day.
I thought it would be fun to share the nine days worth of pictures with you.
Some pictures have stories and some are simply just pictures.

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