Monday, February 16, 2009

twelve months 1 week - february 17, 2009

Kate is eating up a storm!
We have switched Kate over from baby food to big people food. She has done really well with the switch. Her favorites so far are green beans, peas, and blue berries.
Kate has also tried cows milk, cheese, and yogurt. She is not a big fan of dairy but we are continuing to offer it to her.
In the picture above Kate would not eat her breakfast unless her little George and her Lovie (blanket) were in the high chair with her. Such personality!

ONE YEAR OLD! - february 10, 2009

It is hard to believe our sweet little girl is a year old! What an amazing year it has been! Kate is keeping us busy. She is pulling herself up on EVERYTHING! She is also cruising on all the furniture, with her stroller, in her crib, and in her play yard. We are in BIG trouble when she starts walking. Kate has a handful of words in her vocabulary now. It is so cute to listen to her try them out. She also gives lots of hugs and pats. She will give them to anyone who holds her and to all of her toys.We had a birthday party for her the weekend before her birthday.Her favorite part of the party... the CAKE (see the pictures down below!)

fifty-two weeks - february 8, 2009

fifty-one weeks - february 1, 2009

fifty weeks - january 25, 2009

Kate LOVES her Curious George that her Great Aunt Jan got her!
George is the first toy she grabs to play with and he is normally right next her as she plays!
It is so cute and endearing to see her love grow towards him!
(Kate now has a little George that she can take with her on all of our adventures.)

forty-nine weeks - january 18, 2009

Kate has upgraded from her infant car seat to a convertible car seat!
She seems to love it!
Eric and I are adjusting from the ease of the infant car seat to her new convertible car seat.
I am sure with time will all get a hang of it!