Sunday, May 24, 2009

kate's first pigtails - may 24, 2009

One of the many fun things about having a little girl is getting to do their hair.
I have been waiting and waiting for the day that Kate's hair would be long enough to put into pigtails...
that day arrived today!
She allowed me to put them in (I gave her a bag of barrettes to play with) and kept them in long enough for me to take a few pictures.
It's these little things that makes being a mom so much fun!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

spaghetti-O's are YUMMY!

Such a classic picture!

sand table fun

Kate got a fun sand and water table just in time for summer.
She really enjoys taking the sand out of the table and putting in her bucket and on the ground (yes, lots of big messes!) She has also enjoyed a few handfuls of sand. It's quite funny to watch her put the sand in her mouth and then realize it's yucky!

our new camera

We have a new camera and I am in love!
Eric gave me my first digital camera five and half years ago... it was my very first Christmas gift from him. I will always cherish that camera... but we needed an upgrade. The older Kate gets the faster she gets and the harder it is to take her picture. With our old camera by the time the picture was taken she had moved on... how many great photos we have missed!
No more missed photos!
I am SO in love!
I don't know all the features of the camera yet but my goal is to have them mastered by the end of summer!

fifteen months old - may 10, 2009

It's hard to believe Kate is fifteen months old and we have a toddler in the house!
Kate's favorite thing to do at the moment is walk! She loves to walk from room to room. She also enjoys going for short walks around the block. As her Aunt Jean said, what a wonderful sense of freedom that she has found! And boy does she love her freedom!
Kate also has a handful (or two) of words in her vocabulary. Her new favorites are "all done" and "outside." Her old favorite is "apple." I believe "apple" has become the universal word for food. Every time we walk into the grocery store she looks around and says "apple."
Our biggest goal of the month is to limit the time she has her binky. We are trying to limit it to only when she is resting and in the car. Most days it goes well but as always there are days when she will cry for it non-stop.
It's a hard bond to break...
and some days I think it's harder on us than her!

fun with puzzles - april 25, 2009

Kate has a few puzzles that she enjoys playing with from time to time.
She is able to pull out the pieces and can normally match the piece back to the right place but still has a hard time fitting the piece into the spot.
What great fine motor and visual practice!

kate is WALKING! - april 20, 2009

We thought we might never see the day come but it has...Kate is WALKING! Enjoy the little video clip of Kate walking (sorry for the "rough" footage... it's hard to keep up with a walking toddler!)

so long dairy - april 17, 2009

Kate had been congested for what seemed like months. Once she was so congested she got sick on the way to school. Eric and I thought it was a cold, teething, the weather change, recovering from RSV, etc. We listened to some wise advice to cut back on milk to see if it would help alleviate some congestion... within a day Kate was happier and less congested. I started to do a little research to see if she could possibly have a milk allergy. She did not show any of the big warning signs (rashes, hives, trouble breathing) but congestion can be a sign of a milder allergy to dairy. When we thought about when the congestion seemed to be a daily issue we realized it was around the time we switched her over to whole milk. We decided to switch Kate from dairy to soy... what a difference it has made! Within a week all the congested cleared up, she was waking up happy, and her big bright eyes were back! In time we will try dairy again (when she can verbalize how she feels) but until then it's soy milk and yogurt for Kate!

my little secret

For those who have been reading the blog for a while may recall how hard it was for me to leave Kate at daycare for the first time. Those who also know me well know I have a handful of experience in early childhood education and daycare centers... which leads to high expectations about childcare for Kate. I was a little worried (well, very worried) about my high expectations when it came to finding childcare for Kate... I was afraid I would not find the "right place" but I was WRONG! I LOVE Kate's daycare center! Here's a little secret... I typically hang out in Kate's classroom for a half hour every day. I enjoy talking with Kate's teachers, the directors, and sometimes I have the chance to chat with other parents. I also truly enjoy watching Kate interact with her peers in a comfortable environment. One day while I was watching her play I watched her walk up to one of her friends, tap him on the shoulder, and say hi. Another time I watched her give all her friends kisses. Many times when it is time to go she does not want to leave and proceeds to throw a fit. It warms my heart to know that we did choose the best place for Kate! (And they have exceeded all my expectations!)
Above is a picture of Kate playing in one of the cars outside at daycare.

fourteen months - april 10, 2009