Saturday, May 23, 2009

fifteen months old - may 10, 2009

It's hard to believe Kate is fifteen months old and we have a toddler in the house!
Kate's favorite thing to do at the moment is walk! She loves to walk from room to room. She also enjoys going for short walks around the block. As her Aunt Jean said, what a wonderful sense of freedom that she has found! And boy does she love her freedom!
Kate also has a handful (or two) of words in her vocabulary. Her new favorites are "all done" and "outside." Her old favorite is "apple." I believe "apple" has become the universal word for food. Every time we walk into the grocery store she looks around and says "apple."
Our biggest goal of the month is to limit the time she has her binky. We are trying to limit it to only when she is resting and in the car. Most days it goes well but as always there are days when she will cry for it non-stop.
It's a hard bond to break...
and some days I think it's harder on us than her!

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