Wednesday, July 15, 2009

living history farms

Kate's First Tractor Ride
On the Trail to the Farms Leading the Way (Upside down!)
Baby Pigs at the 1850's Farm
Checking Out the Baby Pigs
The Oxen
"Our Oxen are Awesome!"
Whoa! Those guys are big!
Ducks in Mud I have loved Living History Farms for as long as I can remember.
I have spent many summers at the farms... first attending the weekly day camp then becoming a day camp counselor.
I was delighted and thrilled to share my love for farming history with Kate and Eric.
Eric enjoyed seeing how farmers truly farmed on Iowa land.
Kate enjoyed all the animals.
Her favorite was the work horses at the 1900 farm.
(I did not take any pictures of Kate with the horses because they were in a dark barn and I did not want to spook them.
Tiny Baby + Spooked Horse = Not a Good Idea.)
And I loved it all!

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