Wednesday, July 1, 2009

a new design - july 1, 2009

I am beyond thrilled for my blog’s new design! As I started reading and following more blogs I began to realize there are endless choices to a blog layout and design. I found some sites that offered free designs but none of them fit my fancy. Then I found Once Upon a Blog. With your help and ideas, Jennisa custom designs your blog for you. After taking a peak at her portfolio I knew I wanted her to design my blog! Jennisa did a beautiful job designing the blog! I love the color scheme, the details in the header, the script, and my signature. A small part of me feels like I have moved up in the blogging world. Another part of me just loves to look at it… just like I loved looking at my wedding dress or watching Kate sleep. Who knew I’d ever fall in love with my blog!
Thanks Jennisa!
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  1. I was just looking at her designs- and saw yours on her portfolio. I love your design!


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