Monday, July 20, 2009

not my child monday

Welcome to Not Me Monday! Not Me Monday is a blog carnival created by MckMama at My Charming Kids. This is not a normal Not Me! Monday. This week is Not My Child!" Monday. “It is a chance to share the horrendous, embarrassing, or regrettable things that there is no way our precious children were caught doing!” Enjoy a few Not My Child moments! Kate does not have a new trick that involves her nose and her shirt or dress. Nope. Not My Child! Kate knows you should use a tissue and not an article of clothing. Kate did not decide to throw her biggest public fit on the day we went to visit her daddy at work. Our section of the restaurant was not filled with guests trying to enjoy their lunch and her daddy’s bosses were not present to witness the event. Once we called it quits and packed up Kate did not scream at the top of lungs in the atrium. Not My Child!

Kate did not say “bye” in a rather loud voice and wave to every man who walked into the restroom at Kaiser. And when those very same men exited the restroom Kate did not say “hi” and wave. Not My Child! Kate does not attempt to play or drink out of the dogs’ water bowl at least once day. She knows the dogs' water bowl is only for the dogs. Not My Sweet Child!
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