Wednesday, July 15, 2009

proud momma

I am one proud momma. But this is not a Kate moment. This is my moment. I am so proud of the picture above. Kate was "discovering" my camera this afternoon. She wanted to look into lens, have her picture taken, and then see herself on the small digital screen. I happily snapped away. When I saw this picture on the camera's digital screen I knew it would be "a good one." When I loaded it onto my computer I noticed Kate had a dirty face. I pondered to myself... "Do I just crop it, do a quick fix, and put it up anyway? Everyone knows all children have dirty faces sometimes, right?" "Do I choose another one?" What to do, what to do. Because I loved the picture SO much I decided to dig a little deeper into my photo editing software (Photoshop Elements.) I checked out the Guided Editing tab. Within that tab they had a whole section on how to remove tear marks, scratches, blemishes, etc. It was easy to use and Kate's messy face was gone. I was impressed! I explored some of the other sections. I found another section that walked me through step by step on how to make my photo look old fashion! Wow! Who knew all these neat little tricks were hidden under a tab called Guided Editing. I am sure that will tab will get a lot more visits from me!
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