Wednesday, July 15, 2009

seventeen months - july 10, 2009

Seventeen Months Old Amazing! Kate is talking up a storm. Sometimes she seems to be telling us a whole story and we have no clue what she said. Other times we can pick out words and phrases. I thought it would be fun to come up with a list of all the words she knows. Here They Are: 1. Daddy 2. Momma 3. Doggy 4. Ball 5. Milk 6. NeeNee(Binky) 7. Please 8. Thank You 9. Outside 10. All Done 11. Hi 12. Apple 13. George-y 14. Pretty 15. Bird 16. Baby 17. More 18. Uh-Oh 19. Bye 20. Banana 21. Bubbles 22. Nose 23. Eye 24. Belly 25. Elmo 26. Lovie It has been fun to watch her build and develop her vocabulary. We can't wait to be able to understand all the stories she tells! Kate has also started to run! She has been enjoying art and being outside. She also has a great love for animals, cars, trains, and trucks. She is at such a fun age! I can't wait to see what will capture her attention next!

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