Monday, July 6, 2009

urgent care - july 5, 2009

There are many firsts that we go through as parents.
The first time your baby smiles.
The first time your sweet little one says mama or dada.
Their first tooth.
As parents, Eric and I, look forward to many of Kate's firsts.
Urgent Care was a first I had hoped to avoid.
No one really wants to bring their child to Urgent Care.
But on Sunday Kate took her first trip to Urgent Care.
Kate had started to develop a cold.
Runny nose, congestion, a cough every now and then.
No fever. Never really cranky.
Just a little picky about what she wanted to eat.
On Saturday afternoon she started to have some lovely goop come out of her eye. I thought for sure she had pink eye. And of course she managed to come down with it on the Fourth of July.
(Kate always seems to time her illnesses this way.)
I called in to talk with an after hours nurse.
We went through a whole list of questions and she believed it was not pink eye but an ear infection that was backing up through her eye.
Oh joy.
She felt that Kate did not need to make an emergency room visit but did need to see a doctor the next day.
So bright and early on Sunday morning Kate and I headed out for our first Urgent Care visit.
Kate was happy, smiling, saying hi to everyone...
(I am sure this not typical of most children waiting to been seen by Urgent Care doctors.)
The doctor look her over...
checked her eyes, nose, ears, tummy.
"It's not pink eye, it's another ear infection."
I was relieved that it was not pink eye but super bummed Kate had another ear infection.
This is ear infection number six.
Armed with some new antibiotics and doctors orders to make a follow up appointment in two weeks we headed home.
Our Urgent Care visit was not horrible...
we could have been there under much worse conditions.
But still I was hoping this was a first we could have avoided.
Kate was worn out from her visit. She fell fast asleep about five minutes into our drive home.
Sweet, sweet, little girl.

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