Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The song Landslide by Steve Nicks has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a little girl I remember my dad singing it. As a young adult any time I heard the song it reminded me of home. When I was getting married and trying to pick a song for the father-daughter dance Landslide only seemed fitting. (Plus some of our guests might have thought we had lost it if we danced to American Pie, another song my dad sang often.) And now as a mother the words of the song carry a different meaning… maybe the same meaning they carry for my dad. I love the song. It is tied to some very fond memories and holds great meaning in all stages of my life. Today I heard the song again. At first I instantly thought of my dad, my childhood, my wedding, and my relationship with Kate. Today’s version of Landslide was performed by students at PS22 in New York City. It was beautifully done. The love you see on the children’s faces takes your breath away. You can just tell the children LOVE what they are doing at that very moment in time.
When I heard the story behind today’s version it moved me to tears along with the rest of the people in the room. These students had lost their voice in their school. They were silenced. But a wonderful teacher found they all had a common interest: singing! Through the school choir these children found their voice and began to shine! Their teacher wanted to share their talents with the world and posted this video on YouTube. Stevie Nick’s team found the video and shared it with Stevie Nick. She was so moved by these students she flew the choir out to see a concert, gave them front row seats, and invited them on stage to sing with her! And they were invited to a dinner with her after the show! Amazing!!! All of this was made possible by a teacher who saw these children’s voices, believed in them, and wanted to share their talent with the world! Now when I hear this song it will not only remind me of my dad, my childhood, my wedding, and my sweet little girl. It will also remind of the power I have as an educator. I can close the door and not listen to the voices of my students. Or I keep the door wide open and let all my student’s voices be heard! I hope to always keep the door open and let my student’s voices SHOUT!
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