Tuesday, October 20, 2009

twenty months old - october 10, 2009

Twenty Months Old!
It is hard to believe that twenty months ago we were holding a sweet, newborn, baby girl in our arms.
Today that sweet baby girl is running, playing, laughing, and full of life!
We would not have it any other way!
In the past month Kate's language has EXPLODED!
She will attempt to repeat anything we ask her to say. She is also trying to talk in sentences. At times we don't fully understand every word but we can figure out the big idea. It has been so much fun to watch her develop her language and use her words to communicate her wants and needs with us.
Kate has also become more independent.
She is putting on her own shoes (they don't always make it on the right feet) and coat.
Just the other day she climbed up the playground equipment and proceeded to go down the slide all on her own!
(I know this is not huge for most twenty month olds but she is tiny, remember?)
And of course we are still having those toddler moments...
Throwing ourselves on the mall floor because we don't want to put our coat on.
Shoving our plate off the table because we don't like what has been offered for dinner.
And having a big melt down just because her daddy said no.
Our sweet little girl is growing by the moment.
I am doing my best to slow down and enjoy each moment
before I know it...
our sweet little girl won't be so little any more.

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