Monday, January 18, 2010

rsv... again...

Our sweet girl has been suffering from RSV/Bronchiolitis again this past week.

It has been hard to watch her fever spike up to 103.6, work harder than normal to breathe, have no appetite, and be just plain miserable.

We are lucky. Besides two doctors visits in three days and a chest x-ray (which was the cutest thing ever to watch her try so hard to please and follow directions) Kate has not needed any breathing treatments, oxygen, or been hospitalized. We do thank God for that luck and favor.

For now her fever is down, she is eating more than crackers, and she only has a handful of coughing spells throughout the day.

We are thankful that once again she has proven how tough she can really be and is kicking this RSV's butt the Mighty Peanut way!

And soon enough we know our giggling, happy, full of life, little girl will be back and ready to take on the next adventure life throws us!

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twenty-three months old - january 10, 2010

Wow! Twenty-three months old!

Every month brings something new and this past month was no different.

Kate loves to sing songs. Her favorites are: Bringing Home a Baby Bumble Bee, The Wheels on the Bus, and 789. She could sing and listen to these songs morning, noon, and night.

Kate is also OBSESSED with the potty. She has been wanting to sit on the potty as often as she wants to sing, if not more. She has discovered how to take her diaper off and enjoys taking frequent trips to sit on her potty. At times it can be a bit much. She has yet to really use the potty (it has only happened a few random times and completely by chance) but we are hoping one day it will all click and there will be a purpose to all the diaper removing and potty sitting.

Oh sweet girl, we love you so!

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thank you

Thank you sweet girl for lighting up my life and making all of my days brighter!

I will always love you!

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merry christmas

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Lately whenever I pull out my camera to take a picture Kate has to get her “cheese” and take pictures too.

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kindercare's annual holiday program

This was Kate’s second year “performing” at her school’s annual holiday program.

I was unsure how Kate would do. Would she get stage fright? Would she scream the minute she realized all eyes were on her and her classmates? Would she even let Eric and I drop her off with her teachers?

Kate was hesitant to go with her teachers, sat in her teacher’s lap for the majority of the performance, but did not cry! A small success!

Kate’s class performed “Sing, Sing a Song” and “Bring home my Baby Bumble Bee.” Kate still loves to “sing” the “Bring home my Baby Bumble Bee” song and requests to wear her bumble bee hat at least once a day.

We can’t wait to see what next year will bring…

(Kate is the bumble bee on the far left.)
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pigtails and chopsticks

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Monday, January 11, 2010

candy cane festival

This year we took Kate to a local candy factory's Candy Cane Festival.
It was a chilly December day but that did not stop us from enjoying the events of the day.

Kate made a stocking in the craft tent, enjoyed browsing in the candy store (She grabbed a lollipop and declared "mine." We did buy it for her but it has yet to be opened.), going for a train ride, going on a hay ride that was pulled by two horses, and checking out the inside of a fire truck and ambulance.
She still refused to meet Mr. and Mrs. Clause and wanted nothing to do with holiday themed characters that were visiting with the children. She was quite scared of the ginger bread guy and any time he got close she quickly leaned in to Eric or myself and hung on for dear life.

It was a truly wonderful time had by all!

We are looking forward to going again next year and maybe, just maybe, Kate will want to visit with Santa Clause.

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

twenty-two months

At twenty-two months Kate is full of life and I would not have it any other way!

Over the past month Kate has developed several new phrases:
What's Dat?
What's Dis?
Luv You
Thank you Mommy/Daddy

She typically says please and thank you without a single reminder... which makes us very proud.

She also loves to count!  We will say "one" and then she chimes in with "two."  She also says five, seven, and ten.

Each and every day is a new adventure
we are so glad to be along for the ride!

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