Monday, January 11, 2010

candy cane festival

This year we took Kate to a local candy factory's Candy Cane Festival.
It was a chilly December day but that did not stop us from enjoying the events of the day.

Kate made a stocking in the craft tent, enjoyed browsing in the candy store (She grabbed a lollipop and declared "mine." We did buy it for her but it has yet to be opened.), going for a train ride, going on a hay ride that was pulled by two horses, and checking out the inside of a fire truck and ambulance.
She still refused to meet Mr. and Mrs. Clause and wanted nothing to do with holiday themed characters that were visiting with the children. She was quite scared of the ginger bread guy and any time he got close she quickly leaned in to Eric or myself and hung on for dear life.

It was a truly wonderful time had by all!

We are looking forward to going again next year and maybe, just maybe, Kate will want to visit with Santa Clause.

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