Monday, January 18, 2010

rsv... again...

Our sweet girl has been suffering from RSV/Bronchiolitis again this past week.

It has been hard to watch her fever spike up to 103.6, work harder than normal to breathe, have no appetite, and be just plain miserable.

We are lucky. Besides two doctors visits in three days and a chest x-ray (which was the cutest thing ever to watch her try so hard to please and follow directions) Kate has not needed any breathing treatments, oxygen, or been hospitalized. We do thank God for that luck and favor.

For now her fever is down, she is eating more than crackers, and she only has a handful of coughing spells throughout the day.

We are thankful that once again she has proven how tough she can really be and is kicking this RSV's butt the Mighty Peanut way!

And soon enough we know our giggling, happy, full of life, little girl will be back and ready to take on the next adventure life throws us!

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