Sunday, March 28, 2010

spring fling fun

On Saturday, we attended Kate's Spring Fling at her school.  There was an Easter Egg Hunt, Face Painting, and the Easter Bunny. 

Kate did a great job collecting Easter Eggs this year. At one point she looked in her bag, looked up at me, and with a big smile on her face said "a lot!"  It was so much fun to watch her collect the eggs with her classmates. 

Kate also had her first experience having her face painted.  She picked a little bunny.  She did a great job sitting still but refused to smile after the bunny was on her face.  I think it felt funny and she was afraid to move her cheeks too much. 

And on a very happy note Kate interacted with the Easter Bunny!  She gave him five several times and did not seem to be the least bit scared.

Maybe we will be able to visit the Easter Bunny at the mall without a melt down... then again that could be wishful thinking!

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