Sunday, April 18, 2010

sweet baby girl

Riley has been with me almost since the day I packed everything up and moved to Colorado.  My feet landed in Colorado on July 15, 2000 and Riley was born on July 17, 2000. Coincidence?  I think so.

She has seen people come and go, a marriage take place, and baby be born.  (And before that baby was born she was my baby - 100%)  She is loyal, stubborn, kind, gentle, a protector, and did I mention stubborn?

Riley was my sidekick until the bitter end.  When I was sad she would come to my side and rest my head on me.  I will never forget the night my grandma died.  Riley did not leave my side.  She slept next to me with her head on my shoulder the whole night.  At the end of every summer Riley would give me attitude because I was gone longer during the days. The day Kate came home from the hospital Riley was so excited she tried to climb into the crib with her. Riley was loud, full of life, and a sweetheart.

Riley was my dog.  She waited for me on the fateful day.  She knew.  She gave me the sign her time had come.  I was ready in a way.  I knew her life was coming to an end.  I had asked God so many times before to save her, not to take her, because I needed her.  But now I had gained the strength I did not know I had already possessed before.  Now I could go on...

It was not easy to let her go.  I am reminded of her daily (and I still cry over her loss at least once a week.) But I know it was her time. I will carry her unconditional love and the lessons she taught me forever in her honor and in my heart.

Rest in peace sweet baby girl!  May you be enjoying your days in Heaven! You will never be forgotten!

July 17, 2000 - April 15, 2010

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