Saturday, August 14, 2010

because of you...

... I laugh and find joy in the simple things.
... the house is filled with giggles.
... I no longer let my work control my life.
... I love all things pink, girly, and size 2T.
... I want to be a better person.

... my heart beats outside of my body.
... I take a lot of deep breaths.
... I eat better.
... I smile more.
... I say "Oh dear Lord" at least ten times a day.

... I consider sleeping until 5:30 sleeping in.
... my heart swells with pride every time you see and recognize the letter K
... I can once again play with and shop for baby dolls and all their accessories.
... I have a love affair with soft blond locks and sweet curls.
... I will buy you several pairs of shoes before I buy anything for myself.

Because of you...
... I have experience a love greater than ever before!

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Friday, August 6, 2010

dance, dance, dance

This summer Kate took her first dance class through our local parks and rec department.
At the end of the eight weeks she had a recital.
I was a little nervous about the recital.
I was sure she would refuse to wear her tutu
(that her grandma and aunt bought her right after she was born.)
I was sure she would not want to leave my side and get on stage to do her dance.
And if she did decide to leave my side I was sure she would refuse to do anything but stand on stage.

Oh was I wrong!

She loved her tutu and was sad I would not let her wear it in the car.
She bee-lined it to the stage when we entered and REFUSED to get off.
She performed most of her dance and seemed to love the spotlight.
And when it was time for her class to exit the stage she once again refused to leave.

Maybe, just maybe, we have another ballerina in the family.
One thing is for sure...
she looks stinking cute in her tutu
seems to love the stage!

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