Saturday, August 14, 2010

because of you...

... I laugh and find joy in the simple things.
... the house is filled with giggles.
... I no longer let my work control my life.
... I love all things pink, girly, and size 2T.
... I want to be a better person.

... my heart beats outside of my body.
... I take a lot of deep breaths.
... I eat better.
... I smile more.
... I say "Oh dear Lord" at least ten times a day.

... I consider sleeping until 5:30 sleeping in.
... my heart swells with pride every time you see and recognize the letter K
... I can once again play with and shop for baby dolls and all their accessories.
... I have a love affair with soft blond locks and sweet curls.
... I will buy you several pairs of shoes before I buy anything for myself.

Because of you...
... I have experience a love greater than ever before!

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