Saturday, January 1, 2011

project 365

One of my goals this new year is take at least one photograph a day.
Not only is it my goal to take the photograph but I also want to edit and post the photograph.
This is Project 365.

I know realistically I will not be able to edit and post a photograph everyday.
My goal is to edit and post my daily photographs at least once a week.
(Maybe I'll be able to find a rhythm and post more often.)

Every photo I take will not be a blog post but I will put every photo I take into my Flickr feed.
You will be able to view all my Project 365 photos on the left-hand side of my blog.

I am excited for this project.
I am excited to push myself to pick up and use my camera on a daily basis.
I want to become a better "shutter bug."
And yes, I'll probably become that crazy lady that drags her camera everywhere!

Enjoy Project 365 of 2011!

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