Thursday, February 10, 2011

look who's three

happy, happy, third birthday, sweet girl!

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Dear Sweet Little Girl,

Today you turn three and my heart aches.  My baby is growing up and there is nothing I can do to stop it.  You are so proud to be three and to be a big girl.  I am so proud to be your mommy.

I still recall the first contraction I felt when I went into labor with you.  I recall the hours at home counting the minutes in between each contraction.  I recall calling your daddy at work and telling him he needed to come home.  I remember the drive to the hospital, the ride with another fellow in the elevator, the blur of getting settled into the room and the shocking news I was at a six and quickly progressing.  I will never forget the words "It's a girl!"  I can still remember thinking oh my gosh she is SO tiny and hardly sleeping a wink the first twenty-four hours of your life because all I wanted to do is stare at you! I will cling to those memories for as long as I can.

Each milestone you make is glorious and bittersweet all at once.  I love watching you accomplish new things.  I love seeing how proud you are when realize you have accomplished something new.  Yet as you make these milestones, take those next steps, the baby in you is becoming a thing of a past... a memory.

This past year has been amazing!  I am so thankful and grateful for every day I have with you!  You are a spitfire, strong-willed, passionate, and full of life.  If you don't want to do something you won't.  If you really want to do something you try every way you can think of to get your way.  This will serve you well as a young lady... no one will ever be allowed to push you around.  (Right now this drives all who love and care for you nuts.:))

Your daddy and I have watched you learn how to ride a tricycle, climb up a rope ladder, fall in love with Dora, learn and recognize several letters of the alphabet, and so many, many more accomplishments.  We are proud, so very proud of you!  We are looking forward to watching you grow, becoming a preschooler, learning more, doing more, and dreaming more.

As you blow out your three candles on your cupcake covered in purple sprinkles (your current favorite color) my mind will be full of hopes, dreams, and wishes for you. I am so very proud to be your mommy, your best friend, your sidekick, and your good night at the end of the day.  You will always be my peanut, greatest gift, my sweet little girl, my daughter.

I love you more than you will ever know, more than you could ever comprehend, and with all of my heart.

Happy 3rd Birthday Kate!  love forever, Mommy
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