Friday, June 3, 2011

goals, dreams, hopes

A brand new year of life is ahead of me!  I am looking forward to the new year, new goals, new dreams, and new hopes.  I am looking forward to living life again!

Here are some of my goals, dreams, and hopes for my new year...
  • Take at lease one photo a day and re-start Project 365.
  • Blog often.  Share my heart.  Share my thoughts.
  • Find the beauty in every day moments.
  • Laugh multiple times a day.
  • Be less frustrated.
  • Listen to music more often.
  • Continue to limit my TV watching.
  • Help others in my home limit their TV watching.
  • Stress less.
  • Live the phrase Love Thy Neighbor.
  • Spend more time outdoors.
  • Take weekly hikes.
  • Be less afraid.
  • Let go of the little things.
  • Truly know what I can and cannot control.
  • Live loud.  Live boldly.  Live bravely.  Be myself.
  • Work on my sailor mouth (at least around Kate ;).)
  • Find a creative outlet. 
  • Build beautiful relationships.
  • Keep my heart wide open and love with all I've got!
Here's to a wonderful year ahead!

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