Thursday, June 9, 2011

a little blog remodel

So I have been doing a little blog remodeling today.
Now that I have been spending a lot of time in my space I wanted to change a few things.
I got rid of some things, moved other things around, and freshened up my little space in Blogger.

The first thing I did was remove my family, friends, and favorite's list.  Why?  Well, over the past six months I have started to read a lot more blogs.  A lot more blogs.  And I started using Google Reader.  I love how Google Reader collects all my blogs in one place and makes it so easy to keep up-to-date on all the posts!

I moved and changed the look of my Twitter feed.  It is now on the right-hand side of my blog and has a nice new look.
I moved a few more things for the left side of my blog to the right side of my blog.  For now the left side is wide open.

Now for my future plans for my blog lay out...

I am planning on keeping the rotating header the same with the same photos.  I know the photos of Kate are a little dated but I love them.  I am going to make a few changes to the navigation bar.  I want to remove one of the items and change the items in the drop down menu under my name.  I also want my post space to take up both the center and area where the left-hand side bar used to be. These changes must wait for my dear blog designer, Jennisa.  I know if I tinker in this area I will mess the whole thing up (and we don't want that to happen!)

So here is a screen shot of another change I made today.  I was inspired by MckMama's new photos in her sidebar.  I added our names directly to the photographs and found a way to link the text that once beneath the photo.  When you click on the photo is now takes you to a little bio about each of us.  An added bonus is the photos are now much larger!

Above are two screen shots that show you where I moved my Twitter feed and my Project 365 photo stream.  (Can you tell that I had fun with screen shots today!)

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my little remodel.  I can't wait for the finished project!

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