Saturday, June 4, 2011

swimming lessons

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Kate had her first independent swimming lesson today!
When I told her yesterday that she would be attending swimming lessons and I would not be getting in the water with her she got really nervous and upset.
She stomped her little foot, put her hand on hip, and declared "but Mommy I don't know how to swim."
Her reaction made me really nervous.
I explained to her that her teacher was going to show her how to swim, she would sit on the side of pool and wait her turn, and I would be right there.

This morning Kate excitedly put on her swimsuit and was willing to give swimming lessons a try.
I am so proud she took the risk and tackled her fear.
Once Kate met her teacher, was lifted into the water, and saw how close I was to her, she was smiling from ear-to-ear.
Her smile lasted the whole entire lesson!
She was so proud of herself!
And I am so proud of her!

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