Saturday, June 11, 2011

three little leaves

A few days ago Kate and I went for a walk.  We checked out the local farmer's market.  We walked through the nursery and saw lots of pretty flowers.  And we stopped by the pond to watch the geese.

As we were walking along she collected three yellow leaves.

One for herself, one for me, and one for Eric.

She does that often.  When she is collecting things she will make sure to collect one for both Eric and I.

I love her heart, her soul, her wonderful intentions.  I love these three little leaves.

I also adored the walk.  No pressure, no worries, no stress.  Just enjoying the moment.

I hope to take more walks this summer.  I hope to have more moments where we slow down, collect things, and not worry about the extra, little, stuff.  I hope this will be a wonderful summer to remember.

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