Saturday, July 9, 2011

fourth of july

This year for the Fourth of July Kate and I joined my dear friend and her family for a day of fun!
We watched a small mountain town's Independence Day parade (my friend's sons were in the parade!)

The parade was a lot of fun and full of random floats and people!

Kate was THRILLED to receive a kazoo from one of the floats!

Kate's loot! 
There was not another child in sight and the floats were throwing handfuls of candy!
Kate was thrilled that she was able to pick up all the candy around her.
(We made sure to share our candy with our friends. :))

Post parade jump on the trampoline!
Kate and the boys spent the afternoon playing, swimming, and enjoying the fresh mountain air.
The adults chatted and truly enjoyed the relaxing afternoon!

In the evening we all headed into town to catch the firework show.  Kate fell asleep about three minutes into the drive.  She held on tight to her kazoo the whole car ride.
So precious!

The city shoots off fireworks right over the soccer fields.
The kids (and adults) enjoyed playing before it got dark.
My girlfriend bought the kiddos glow bracelets and they enjoyed finding different ways to wear them.
The firework show was AMAZING!

The day was fun, relaxing, amazing, perfect!

Thank you, Angie, for allowing us to celebrate Independence Day with you and your family!

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