Tuesday, July 12, 2011

purple blankie

Kate loves her purple blankie.

It tends to go every where she goes.  School, hiking, swimming lessons, restaurants, shopping...
(If you look carefully I am sure you can find it in a few pictures throughout this blog.)

Last Friday I did not think twice about grabbing purple blankie and bringing it along with us.
Oh but I should have...

Kate and I had a fun morning in Boulder.  We did a little shopping, people watched, ate some lunch, and stopped for cupcakes.

When we got back to the car, Kate asked, "Where's purple blankie?"

I frantically looked through the car, my purse, and the one bag we had.
No purple blankie.

I decided that Kate must have left it behind at the first store we stopped at.  She was busy playing and I simply thought it got left behind.


Next we checked where we ate our lunch.  Nope.

We both fought back the tears as I tried to console her on a street corner in Boulder.
I prayed and hoped one of the two places would find it.

In that moment of sadness I did not think to go back to the cupcake shop.
When we visited I did not recall Kate playing with the blanket... she was busy with her balloon animal... I had thought the blanket was in my purse...

We headed home.  Sad.  Tired.  Frustrated.

When Eric arrived home Kate told him the news.  I was heart-broken for her.

(Kate does have other little blankets, sometimes she likes to carry several around with her, but purple blankie was her favorite.)

After Kate went to bed I decided to see if maybe the blanket was left behind at the cupcake shop.
It was the only other place I could think of.

So I sent the cupcake shop a Tweet asking if by chance they had found Kate's blanket.
I went to bed expecting to hear, "No, I am sorry."

The next morning I woke up to one of the best replies ever...
"Yes. We sure did."
I honestly jumped for joy and could not wait for Kate to wake up and tell her the good news!

Here is Kate's reaction when she heard the news:

Now that is one happy girl!

After swim lessons we headed back to Boulder to pick up her beloved purple blankie.

I don't think we could have gotten to Tee & Cakes fast enough.

Kate was thrilled to have purple blankie back in her arms!

I was thrilled we found it!
Of course we had to have another cupcake and a macaroon.
And while we enjoyed our goodies I made sure purple blankie was tucked away safely in my purse.

I am so thankful for Tee & Cakes and Twitter!  Without them we might have lost purple blankie forever.

There is a new rule about purple blankie...
It may still leave the house but it must stay in the car.

How purple blankie ended up lost at Tee & Cakes I am not 100% sure.
I do believe it was in my purse and fell out when I got out wipes to clean up Kate.
Oh the guilt I carry...

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