Friday, September 16, 2011

insta friday :: favorite things

InstaFriday is a fun way to share the day-to-day moments you capture using your cell phone camera.

This week Jeannett at Life Rearragned gave us an InstFriday prompt:  Favorite Things.

So here are some photos of a few of my favorite things...
We just recently purchased a Keurig.  I love this machine. 
A fresh cup of hot coffee in less than a minute.  Very easy clean up.
And Starbucks is coming out with K-Cups in November.
What more could I ask for?!?

I love these rings and all that they stand for.

My Erin Condren planner just arrived on Tuesday and I am already in love.
I cannot wait to get all my dates and information entered.
I cannot wait to feel a little more organized and together.

(Side Note: For a year I have been using Google Calendar.  It has some very positive attributes but I miss being able to quickly glance at my calendar.  I also miss being able to easily and visually combine my to-dos with my calendar. I am so happy to return to paper and meet my very visual needs!) 

This is my newest favorite drawing by Kate.
It simply makes me smile.
She loves to draw people and I have enjoyed watching her people evolve over time.
The newest feature she is adding to people is eyebrows, ears, and hair.

What favorite things have you captured on your cell phone camera lately?

Be sure to head over to Life Rearranged and check out the moments Jeannett and others have captured with their cell phone cameras!

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  1. I had forgotten all about the favorite things pictures but I know I've raved and raved again about my Keurig. What a wonderful 'Mommy's little helper!!'

  2. Oh my, my Keurig is hands down one of my favorite things! Paired with Cocnut Coffee creamer and I'm in heaven!

  3. Love her drawing. It's so fun to watch their art evolve.

  4. Oh, I love when kids are at the stage where they draw big round bodies with the stick legs! What a cute drawing:)


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