Friday, September 23, 2011


InstaFriday is a fun way to share the day-to-day moments you capture using your cell phone camera.

Here are some moments I captured recently...

A yummy Friday morning treat!

New boots from Target!

Kate rockin' my aviators.

Someone was tired.

A fun afternoon at the park!

Go Hawks!

Another wonderful Friday Morning: Jeans, Cute Shoes, and Starbucks!

Tiny Toms

Another pair of fun boots!

What have you captured on your cell phone camera lately?

Be sure to head over to Life Rearranged and check out the moments Jeannett and others have captured with their cell phone cameras!

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  1. Love the sass on that girl! She reminds me a little of my Lucy...who can rock a pair of aviators like no ones business! Thanks for linking up!

  2. LOVE the boots! I have a sick obsession with boot-buyin', especially from Target! Anyway, just dropping in from Instafriday!


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