Friday, December 23, 2011


InstaFriday was created by Jeannett as a fun way to share your cell phone pictures.  You can use any app to edit your pictures (I use the instagram app) and the only rule is the pictures you post must be from your cell phone.

Life has been busy and I have not posted an InstaFriday post in a while.  So here are some of my favorite pictures from the last month or so...

I would never give my sweet daughter a toy sward so I could get a little work done.
Okay maybe I would. ;)

I am in love with my Jo Tote!
It holds all my purse items and my camera with ease.
(I have a Canon Rebel XSi with the standard 18-55mm lens.)
It is easy to access all the things I need and I just love the color!

My parents got Kate the Little People Nativity set.
She has enjoyed playing with it and she often has her other Little People sets join in.
I love watching her imagination at work!

We have discovered Yogurtland.
Kate prefers you call it ice cream. :)

Kate's perspective from the backseat.

Boots, knee socks, tights, and a skirt.
I am not going to let winter stop me from looking cute. ;)

My favorite Friday treat.
It tasted even better knowing it was the last Friday before Winter Break.

We watched Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer the other night.
Kate loved it!

A little light reading while I waited during Kate's speech therapy.
I loved this magazine so much I decided to get a subscription. :)
This was Kate's third session. We are taking things slow... one sound at a time.
The reality of Kate's speech kind of hit me during this session.
I knew she struggled with articulation and I know this will be a wonderful thing for her but when you become pregnant with a baby you never dream you will be doing things such as this or this.

Another trip to Yogurtland.
Side note: Kate was quite naughty during this trip.  I think the next time I want to go she will either be well-rested or I'll just go by myself.

A wonderful reminder...

What moments have you captured this week (or month) on your cell phone camera?

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