Sunday, January 1, 2012

hello new year

Here are some things I am saying hello and good-bye to this New Year:

Hello to writing more.
Hello to new bedroom furniture.
Hello to a new playroom for Kate.
Hello to saving for a new computer, new phone, and maybe an iPad.
Good-bye to debt.
Good-bye to stuff.
Hello to less clutter.
Hello to more classes.
Hello to deeper friendships.
Hello to an organized home.
Hello to more hikes and and adventures.
Hello to allowing my true self shine.
Good-bye to drama.
Hello to new routines (at night.)
Good-bye to countless hours spent on social media.
Hello to taking more pictures.
Good-bye to spending endless hours and frustration editing pictures.
Hello to this wonderful photo editing site.
Hello to more time reading.
Hello to healthier choices in food.
Good-bye sugar overload.
Hello new memories and more time with family.
Hello 2012!

What are you saying hello and good-bye to this year?

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