Saturday, May 5, 2012

taking a timeout

This week I took a timeout from social media. I have known for a while I need to take a break. I have allowed social media to come before my family and my life. At times I spend an hour just reading through different sites trying to "catch up" on everything. It has become a little ridiculous and sad.

So this week I took a timeout from all social media. No Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram. Instead I plugged into life going on around me. It was a much needed timeout.

Yesterday we did not have school so I decided to take the day and do a few things that I enjoy.

I had a nice breakfast and did some shopping at IKEA.

I got my toes all prettied up.

And I treated myself to Starbucks.

Not once did I hop on a social media site to see what the rest of the world was up to. It was nice and so needed.

A little later in the evening I made the mistake of getting out of timeout and hoping on all three social media sites. Once again I spent way too much time on each site. I was upset with myself for once again allowing social media to take away time from the life going right in front of me.

This has given me a new and different perspective on social media. I do see the good in social media. I do know social media has allowed me to build and develop new friendships. Social media can be a positive place. But on the flip side it can become an very consuming part of my life. Instead of going out and living my life I am busy checking in to see how everyone else is living their life. I am pausing,  putting loved ones on hold, while we check to see what so-and-so had to say about this and that. I know there is a good, healthy, balance out there. I am seeking to find it. I want to stay connected via social media but I also want to be truly connected to the life going on right in front of me.

How do you find balance with social media and life?

When you check your favorite social media site do you feel like you must "catch up" on all the posts since the last time you logged-on?

Do you set time limits to your social media time?

(Please know this post is not intended to pass judgement on anyone else or how they use social media. My only intention is to share how it effects my family and how I hope to find a balance between social media and life.)

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