Thursday, June 7, 2012



Listening to The Nadas's Dancing Lucinda.

Catching up on my favorite blogs.

Pondering how I can make every moment of this summer count.

Recalling summers of the past.

Still learning all the short cuts on a Mac.

Trying not to get too worked up on Kate's upcoming surgery (more on that soon.)

Hoping the sun stays out so I can read in the backyard later this afternoon.

Wondering what I should have for lunch.

Enjoying the quiet.

Thinking about editing some photos and planning some blog posts.

Loving my new Mac.

Thankful my broken kitchen faucet was an easy fix.

Wondering when the feeling that is summer will finally sink in.

Missing my Riley-Girl.

Thinking of fun summertime activities to do as a family.

Wondering when my first hike will take place.

Trying to be intentional about spending time with those I love and hold dear to my heart.

Think I should start a to-do list.

Need to pay some bills.

Proud of myself for already working out this morning.


What are you currently doing?

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  1. Reading your post and smiling because I'm so happy to hear from you again. Listening to my little one squeal in delight as she runs around in her birthday suit. Enjoying my slow Friday morning.


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